Juan larussi
Luxury Real Estate Advisor

Juan C. Iarussi landed in Miami International Airport with his family almost 20 years ago. They held their suitcases in hand and looked in wonderment at everything the city had to offer. However, they had a real problem ahead. They had not properly secured a home before arriving and knew no one who could help. So after spending 2 months in a hotel, they finally managed to settle in a condo in Miami. South Florida has been his home ever since and they’ve loved every second of it!

Juan recalls the excitement as the plane hit the ground, the smell of the ocean and the texture of the sand on his first visit to Miami Beach. But he also recalls the struggles and anxious times they spent at that Hotel without knowing who to turn to for help. He understood then, they didn’t need to be SOLD on a place. They simply needed HELP finding the right home for them.

After 13 years in sales working with world renowned luxury multinational companies, Juan decided he would be that person that his parents needed back in July 7th, 2000. Much more than a Realtor trying to cash a check, but someone who listened and took the time to understand their needs. Someone who could guide clients through both the city and the process of finding their new home. Someone trustworthy and reliable who inevitably becomes a friend for life.

That is why he joined The Alex and Joe Team. Not only because they have consistently been the top producing team . But because they get it, and share his view of offering a refreshing real estate experience. By offering results and using innovative ideas to help our clients reach their goals. And by having trust, integrity and commitment. These sit atop Juan’s core values and with them he aims to consistently deliver an amazing client experience or as he calls it “ACE”.

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