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10 Ways To Refresh A Traditional Home Like A Millennial

Alex Miranda

One of South Florida's most respected and award winning luxury real estate groups, The Alex + Joe Team at Compass is your top choice when buying or se...

One of South Florida's most respected and award winning luxury real estate groups, The Alex + Joe Team at Compass is your top choice when buying or se...

Sep 25 3 minutes read

It’s true, traditional home design, still tops the demographic studies for a large majority of homeowners. While you may still be obsessed with your traditional style living areas, you may be ready to shake things up. We have provided a list of trends to follow if you desire to mix your classic taste with something a bit more youthful. Mix and match the characteristics of 2018’s “traditional” home.

Play On Print

Have traditional furniture in need of a revamp? Try your hand at upholstering over the frame, printed patterns are in these days. Even just a few accent pillows can spice up your seating area. 

Color Outside The Norm

Sometimes bold color can transform a simple room. Choose an out of the ordinary color swatch on one of your interior walls or add in a special rug to tie the room together. All eyes will be drawn to the rich shade.  


Standout With Shape

Experiment with shapes! Pick out a few fun kitchen chairs or a coffee table with stand out carpentry. If color isn’t your thing, structure alone can provoke a big change. 


Keep The Shades

Invest in some new window shades. Think deep color and/or patterns, as this remains popular amongst young decorators. Bringing a pop to your kitchen, living area or bedroom. 

Tackle Texture

Texture is key. If your space is feeling “flat”, go for an element that creates dimension. Velvet upholstering, repurposed wood accents, shag area rugs…  


Up Your Decoratives

Find just the right accessories to spruce up a coffee table, bookshelf or mantle. Common materials such as brushed metals, raw woods & crystal elements work well when paired with personal items.  


Go Green

Bring a little nature inside. Millenials love greenery. Succulents, hanging pots, or decorative leaves. Real or fake, whichever your preference. 


Use Your Reflection

Set up mirrors to freshen up the vibe of your room. Test out new shapes and hang them in focal points of your living room, entryway or bedroom. 


Try Out Maximalism

If you’re going for a more eclectic millennial vibe, go maximalist. Reject the notion of minimalism and style using larger pieces to add drama and character to any room. Add in an eccentric wall of your favorite artwork and photography anywhere you see fit. 


Back To Black

Navy will always be classic but push beyond. Black, is still, the new black. Find furniture and decorative pieces in partial or all black. Classic with a streak of modern. 

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